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2019 Mongol Derby: Rider Feature 5 - Jesse & Sarah


So here's a funny thing - a team of one of my picks (Jesse Byrne) and someone I hadn't previously picked (Sarah Brown).  

The more I see as I google around doing some digging on the riders for these features, the more I think that this year boasts a particularly strong field.  The Derby has always been popular down here in the antipodes and several notable Derbyists have hailed from down this way (Sam Jones, Will Comiskey, Adrian Corboy, Chloe Phillips-Harris and let's not forget Derbyists and veteran vet of many Derbies Campbell Costello.  Just off the top of my head).  Jesse & Sarah have the double tippability of being not only Australian/based in Australia but working in racing.

Jesse & Sarah are also the most cohesive looking team that I've looked at .  Their facebook page shows that they entered together, they fundraised together and were featured in the Busselton Dunsborough Mail together.  This makes following them all the more interesting, particularly as the very committed team of an experienced gentleman horse breaker and his lady rider friend did rather well last year and, even more interestingly, that experienced gentleman horse breaker puts their success down to yes, you guessed it, teamwork.

“We had 100 per cent commitment to each other in selecting the horses and the decisions we made and not at one point did we have any doubt in each other’s ability,”

The similarities end there.  While Adrian rode 1000kms on a diet of cigarettes and water, I can report that Jesse has sworn off former staples cheese sausages and energy drinks.  What can I say, Jesse, except well done shagger.

So will this racy twosome match Adrian and Annabelle's achievement?  Follow them on their FB, here on my blog or on their Insta (@J_S_MongolDerby) if you'd like to find out...

*Photo shamelessly stolen from their FB page*