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2019 Mongol Derby: Rider Feature 6 - the WILDCARD, Frank Winters


Frank Winters once entered a rodeo.  The horse got bucked off.  Frank Winters doesn't have a facebook page.  Frank Winters doesn't need a facebook page to steal your horse, blow a kiss to your sister and ride off into the sunset.  Frank Winters doesn't even have a nickable photograph on the internet.  He is that good.  Well, almost - I stole the official race photograph from the Adventurists' website.  No-one escapes the media reach of the race organisers!  And very grateful I am, too.

Welcome to this year's wildcard!  Frank grew up on a ranch, riding before he could walk.  He went to college on a rodeo scholarship, was still riding bucking broncs at 53 and has never had a job that didn't involve horses.

But why should I pick Frank, when his family are waiting for his inevitable hospital stay?!  Firstly, Mongolians LOVE a cowboy - Will Grant can testify to that.  Secondly, a lot of riders will come a cropper because they get bucked off and someone who knows how to sit a buck or two from a horse that is actively trying to unseat them has a big advantage.  Thirdly, experience counts for a lot and Frank has a lot of experience.  

This all being said, Frank would definitely be a surprise winner if only because he is in his fifties.  But wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if he could top off a pretty amazing career with a win like this?  I'll be rooting for him here in NZ and probably your best option for following him is here on my blog because... oh wait, yes.  I already said that.

Wishing you fast horses and an iron stomach, Frank! 

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