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2019 Mongol Derby: Rider Feature 3 - Alanna Watt


Alanna Watt, or rather Dr Alanna J. Watt, Biology Department McGill University... no, wait.  Wrong Alanna Watt.  I'll start again.

Alanna Watt, of the mighty 90 quid crowdfunding effort (brilliant), has ridden all her life but currently backs and trains young racehorses.  It was her job that prompted me to do a bit of digging around to see whether this girl might be one to watch this year; I rode half of the 2014 race with one of the best horseman I have ever met and this is what he was doing for work when I met him.  I suspect there's something about producing horses to order that toughens you up a bit and teaches you skills that you won't ever learn otherwise.  

In addition to the racehorses, Alanna has trained, schooled, exercised in every discipline in the equestrian industry, including taking many youngsters to their first outings.  She won't be worried by the odd rodeo prospect, I suspect.

So google, google --> jackpot!  Alanna has made a documentary about her training for the Derby.  If you don't have time to watch it, I can tell you she looks like a serious horsewoman, talks VERY slowly and gives the strong impression of being what I like to call GOOD ON THE BEERS.  I can't put my finger on it, but I like her!  And it doesn't hurt that her mum is a classic Derby mum much in the mould of Adrian Corboy's mother, who I enjoyed talking to on Twitter last year VERY MUCH.  

Enjoy the video and, joking aside, her crowdfunding page is actually quite decent so if you're that way inclined chuck her a few bob.  Or if you're not, but your interest is piqued, you can follow her on Instagram (@lannawatt), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pg/la...) or here on my blog.  

Good luck Alanna!  I suspect Dr Alanna J. Watt is about to be knocked off the google search pedestal.